Friday, January 28, 2011

Eating Clean - Day 3

Like so many folks concerned with mindful eating and healthy lives, a few members of my family have embarked on Dr. Alejandro Junger's 21-day lifestyle program, outlined in his book, Clean. I've jumped on the detox-bandwagon before, with limited success. I get bored, or don't feel well, and I love to eat a variety of foods, so I give up.

Many might ask why someone who is clearly pretty aware of her eating habits would need to detox. Good question. I have vices. I have many, but with regard to my health and welfare, the culprits are sugar, alcohol, coffee and processed foods. I "get" that these are not so horrible, and I don't beat myself up about it. But, I know my body works and feels better when I eliminate these things from my diet (or limit them), and yet, for some reason I still find myself floating into the cupcake store and CRAVING real cheese for breakfast, over a nice bowl of oatmeal. I want a cocktail so badly around 4pm....I just can't tell you. (mind you, I don't want 4-5...just 1!) And my freezer was filled with wonderful vegetarian frozen dinners. Though great for occasional convenience, I was popping one in the microwave every evening, after teaching yoga.

And my coffee intake, though not enormous, has truly become my "crack." I refer to my trip to Starbucks as "my dealer," or tell someone I need, "a fix," or "hit." And now, after just 3 days of going without coffee, I see why those terms feel so comfortable to me.

I have a headache. I feel really chilly, as I'm sure my blood pressure is just above dead. I don't have much of an apatite, and feel a bit depressed. Trust me, I have NOTHING to be depressed about. My life is a big fat 10 at the moment, and this slump is getting in my way.

Coffee-slump aside, the soups, juices and smoothie recipes given in the Clean book are totally easy and filling. Last night I made a big batch of the butternut squash bisque, and topped it with fresh parsley, pumpkin seeds and chilie oil. Wonderful on a very cold night.

If you consider going on the 21 day cleanse, don't worry about hunger pangs. You'll be fine. And all this drama I'm experiencing around my coffee is totally normal...I checked with the doctor, assuming I had the flu. I'll be all good by Monday.

Will keep you posted on my progress! TGIF


  1. I can't imagine 21 days of eating rules! But I do think that a few days of very mindful eating now and again can be very helpful. Good luck! (The soup looks terrific!)

  2. This food isn't too strict, but the "do nots" are what's killing me. Most specifically, no caffeine. The rest is basically juicing, raw smoothies and lightly warmed soups, and then fish, chicken or the like in vegan form, and lots of greens at lunch.

  3. I need to jump back on the clean eating wagon. I definitely am feeling the bad side effects of unclean eating - loads of fatigue, headaches, bloating, bleh.

  4. Shut the front door SA! My husband is doing this book! It was featured in Outdoor magazine. Now, he's no yoga teacher/healthy eater so this has been QUITE a lot of work for him. He's on the 3rd week and feels great. As a little icing on top he's lost 11 pounds (!).