Monday, May 4, 2009

About Me

To me, food is more than sustenance. It's is culture, community and craft. Our consumption choices reflect our values and beliefs. To that end, Bunny Bites is a collage of resources, recipes, and venues I rely on to inspire my plant based diet.

Professionally, my career requires a passion for aesthetic, harmony, self-awareness and functionality. I look at food through the same lenses I view a lovely space or building. Whenever I sit for a meal I consider my impact on the life of other creatures, my influence on society and my effect on the environment...but to be honest, the food comes first! A meal should be personal, so the food has to turn you on in some way.

My journey to plant-based eating is an interesting and complicated one. I'm hoping to be a kind of "night-light" for those who have been sleeping, but now find themselves awake and need a glass of water. And I LOVE hearing other's challenges, questions, discoveries, concerns and experiences. So, please share your comments!!!


  1. Is that what that was? I didn't know how to change it until now. I always say, I speak 4 languages, but I speak all of them poorly!